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 everybody to srb

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PostSubject: everybody to srb   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:07 pm

lol here doki is again.

xP ok how every knows, in tp there is so many abuse of power from part sarah peachez ¨(kitten) and hollywood, I think so many here have troubles or disgusting with this cause Im not the onlyone, for that I talked with srB>axel for change the srb server to f4a again, the ping there is same in tp, its 2 or 3 ping less, and ok, the plan its simply, in srb its posted the problematic


the solution: simply, connect to srb.

This its with evite more problems with tp and their racism!!
we'll (decadence and me) will post in gods this too.

=P hope help for leave full the srb server and leave vacant the tp server
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everybody to srb
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