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 rF rules!!!

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PostSubject: rF rules!!!   Sat May 15, 2010 9:09 pm

The ^rF^ Clan was founded by Neon on May of ##/##/2010. Neon is the leader of ^rF^.


We have taken this time to kind of elaborate on the requirements to be in ^rF^ and what is to be expected from its fellow clan members. In doing this, it lets everyone who comes here understand where we stand on good sportsmanship and conduct.

1. rF will respect their fellow clan members.

2. rF will not "clan bash" any clan what so ever.

3. rF will always show good sportsmanship and respect towards all players and all clans.

4. rF should wear their tag (^rf^) to show that you are truely representing the clan that they are in.

5. rF with RCON have the ability to change maps, gametype, kick and ban as necessary (when an ^rF^ server becomes available).

6. rF are elite group, not by how good of a player they may be, but how good of a person they are as well.

7 rF will recrute anyone who fits the qualifications, agrees with all of its rules.

8. rF at the moment has no clan member quantity cap.

9. rF clan members may only be in one clan and that is the rF clan.

10. rF last but not least, "WE ROCK!!"
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rF rules!!!
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